Język narracji w rysunku (współczesny komiks)

mgr José Manuel Jiménez Muñoz

The laboratory Narrative Language in Drawing, Contemporary Comics or Język narracji w rysunku (współczesny komiks) is an English taught subject in the Department of Painting and Drawing where students learn about the intricacy of graphic narration.

Narration is something that has always been present, long before words, and storytelling, regardless of its goal and aims, has been anchored to the human experience in pursue of a long-lasting history landmark, a proof of individual existence.

Everything we do, in a way, takes part of the bigger picture of our stories and conforms a unique narrative code of our own. How we dress, speak, the stories we tell, our homes or even the people we love and despise; everything is a key to unlock that larger piece of personal History. As humans, we only want to connect with each other; and in order to feel connected, we need to feel seen, heard and valued. We communicate.

The laboratory is thought out for students to learn how to translate all these resources we are so in touch with into graphic and plastic language with the only objective to find their own unique perspective into the deep waters of graphic storytelling.

As Will Eisner said “Stories are used to teach behaviour within the community, to discuss moral and values or satisfy curiosity. They dramatize social relations and the problems of living, convey ideas or act our fantasies”. But the telling of these stories requires practise, knowledge and skill.

Here are the stories of the students decided to tell in this challenging Academic Year 2020/21.

I would like to thank all students that had worked in the studio this year. For their perseverance, effort and overwhelming will in spite of the harsh circumstances we all have lived this year. Regardless of that, you have still overcome the difficulties of a strange and unknown situation to keep telling beautiful and magical stories.

I hope you still continue to keep telling your story.