Język narracji w rysunku (współczesny komiks)

This studio provides students the tools they need in order to develop the narrative aspects of drawing focused on creating communication based on comic’s own language.

When originating a story based on those standards, it is imperative to learn how all the tools of this system work not only to develop new narratives but also to achieve a whole new range of possibilities that could be applied to enhance the work in other fields. I believe comics to be a really complex and extremely beautiful system that allows us to build new realities and create communication bridges letting the reader dive into those magical worlds.

From page and image composition to narrative build-up, picture relationships, structural creativity, and much more, comics have been for years a powerful communication tool struggling to become an individual expressive system. Now that the time is here, the opportunity unfolds to grab it and use the vast potential this language brings.

Fanzine #2, Collective Project. The Storyteller. Volume II: Modern Identity  (9 pages), Various authors, 2023.